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Wood Mystique Estée Lauder Eau de Parfum 100ml

Wood Mystique Estée Lauder Eau de Parfum 100ml

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For the aromatic line: Oriental Woody
Wood Mystique opens with the sparkle of distilled rose flower and peony petals enveloping the peculiarity of pink pepper.
This glamorous first impression draws you directly and deeply into the fragrance.
At its heart, a vibrant floral bouquet, each ingredient has been meticulously hand-picked, for its rare richness and ability to convey feelings and emotions that elevate to an ultra-delicate olfactory sense.
The precious Die mai Absolute flower from Grasse, which is very expensive, beats in his heart with exceptional serenity.
Floral fluids impart the primal earthy elements of this Queen of Roses
Egyptian jasmine exudes luxurious sensuality and is blended with Provence Absolute mimosa, Moroccan orris and ylang-ylang for a subtle and emotional warmth.
The background slowly and carefully considered reveals an unparalleled richness of long lasting.
The essence of patchouli and leather is immersed in a sensual cream of Indonesian benzoin and cedarwood. A new, rich and smooth essence of cedar has been used here for the first time in this fragrance.
And a tiny whiff of raspberry for a rich, mysterious and dramatic impression. Precious and rare agarwood has been distilled from the heart of the Aguilaria tree which imparts a deep balsamic feel and is well known to all of the senses.
Mind, body and spirit. It gained a leading rank for its great ceremonial and aromatic role, as it was used in ancient centuries and ancient heritage as a perfume and incense because of its rich and sensual smoke that permeates the hair and clothes of everyone who evaporates with it, to give me a feeling of temptation and temptation, and its wonderful aroma attracts the senses, mind, body and soul .

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