Shipping, delivery and payment
Payment method and order approval:
1- The Website is approved and confirmed after completing the electronic payment process,
where payment cards are accepted such as, Master Card, Visa...etc.
2- It approves and confirms the request, in the case of the payment option upon receipt after communicating with the customer,
whether by changing the status of the order in the store to the order being confirmed by WhatsApp or email .
-If the order is created in KUWAIT it will take 24-48 working hours to arrive to the customer.
-If the order is created in GULF COUNTRIES it will takes 2-5 working days to arrive to customer and the confirmation is within 24 hours.
-If the order is created in any country expect the countries we have mentioned in the past lines it will takes 5-9 working days ,and the confirmation is within 24 hours.
Except for Friday (an official holiday for the shop and staff).
3- We do not carry out any shipping process outside of Kuwait unless the full amount is paid on the website. 
The customer has to register a new order.
4- All data registered in your account must be correct such as email,
mobile and address to ensure the arrival of the purchased goods and work to update the data upon each purchase,
in the event of any change to your address,
For contact with the Customer Service on +96599111055 to update your information.
After the order has been shipped,
and in the event that the customer wants to change his address and did not inform us of this change .
the customer bears the value and fees for transferring the shipment to his new address,
and the store is not responsible for this mistake by the customer.
Also you can contact us on our official account on instagram
or on the company email