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Carolina Herrera Good Girl Eau de Parfum 80ml

Carolina Herrera Good Girl Eau de Parfum 80ml

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Aromatic line: Oriental Flora
Under the slogan “It is nice to be a rebel”, she chose for the perfume a name with some irony, which is Girl Good or the Obedient Girl.
She describes the new fragrance as a seduction for the senses by which femininity wanders, imposing its control, and has long awaited the perfume with the phrase revealed be to soon stilettos in Siren The meaning of the dangerous, beautiful woman with high heels.
The word Siren means beautiful and dangerous female beings in Greek mythology who live on rocky islands in the sea. They rob the sailors with their voice, and we will soon reveal their beauty, so they head their ships to these sharp rocky islands, and their ships break and crash.
Good Girl is an innovative oriental floral fragrance that embodies two sides of a woman’s personality, the innocent and the gentle side.
It is represented by notes of Egyptian jasmine Sambac Phil, with luscious tuberose flowers.
While the dangerous and rebellious side of the woman appears in the elegant Jasmine sensual notes, it is called in Egypt “the intense tonka bean roasted with cocoa beans.”
It envelops mysterious sensual notes that are tonka and cocoa in a bright, luminous and elegant cover of white flowers.

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