Dear customer, these conditions have been developed for your protection and to clarify the way and laws of  Yara Perfumes Store work regarding return and exchange:

Regarding returns, we regret to say that perfumes and cosmetic products are not returnable and exchangeable except in the following cases:

1- When the customer receives the product and an error occurs in the type of product sent, the customer will be compensated either by the value of the product or sending the real product, if any,  at the website account. Cellophane Products. If the product is used and the original cellophane is opened, the customer will not be compensated for any amounts, according to the policies of selling perfumes and cosmetic products globally.

2- In the event of any defect in the product or the wrong product arrived to you by Yara Perfumes website, we compensate the customer by returning the wrong perfume or product and refunding the amount to the same account or credit card transferred from it or deliver the correct goods according to the required purchase invoice for free and replace it with the wrong perfume.

3-In the event that a product is returned, it must be within 3 days from inside Kuwait and 10 days from outside of Kuwait from the date of receipt with the presence of the invoice and the product is in its original condition and the perfume is not opened (the presence of the original perfume cellophane) and no other product will be accepted and the customer bears the responsibility Product return fee.

4- It will not be accepted to return any product that has been used, and the cellophane product has been opened or arrived in its non-original condition.

5- In the event that the customer wants to exchange the product without a defect in the product and the perfume has not been opened (the presence of the original plastic cover), the store is not responsible for paying the costs of delivery or shipping for return, in addition to the customer’s responsibility for the costs of delivery or shipping the replacement part again and the fees for returning the product to the store.

6-In the event that the order has been shipped to the customer, and he wants to cancel the order and recover the amount of the order while it is on the way to him, and he did not receive the order, the customer shall bear the fees for returning the shipment and the freight amount shall be deducted from the total order and the amount shall be returned to the customer’s account after receiving the shipment from the shipping company within a maximum period of 15 days from the date of its receipt From the shipping company, and the customer will be notified when necessary in the event of a delay in receiving and delivering the order to the shipping company for more than 15 days, and the administration has the option to accept or refuse the delay and refund the amount. For the sake of your safety,

Yara Perfumes  website does not allow the return or replacement of its products, except for the previous cases only. In the event that a different product arrives from your request, we are pleased to contact you with customer service by contacting the WhatsApp service at +96599111055 or sending an email with the shipment number to